April 29, 2011

Several ways to make direct referrals

Once we found an reliable PTC, the next step is to gain many referrals. All we know that referrals are those that can bring us over 90% of total earnings. Winning these referrals is not an easy job, but not impossible, and further we will present several ways to get referrals:

1. Create your blog, a free domain or buy an own domain.
1.1. On the net are a lot of blogs that promote PTC sites. Is free, easy to handle (will not need to know much about html or css) and quickly indexed by search engines.
1.2. An free domain (sub-domain) may be another alternative. Some sites offer an easy to use interface, but you can also build your site just using html, css, javascript or php.
1.3. If you want to buy an own domain with a host service, would be more professional for you, but is necessarily to know html + css. Is not so hard. On the net are many tutorials with this things.

What should to contain these sites? Your banners with referrals links, various comments, news about ptc sites, proof of payments, polls, etc,... Is very important to be original, not just to give copy / paste from others blogs.

2. Signature on forums
Put your website (or your referral link) as signature, on the forums that allow this things. First, read their rules, and do not make abuse (spam) with this opportunity.

3. Referral Exchange
In many places, like forums, the members can make exchange of referrals. Ex. I register on site X if you will register on site Y.

4. Recommendations between friends
Work colleagues, neighbors, friends, anyone can be your referral, provided you do not register all on the same IP.

As a supplement, you do not make spam on blogs or forums, do not send e-mail spam or to tamper with lies just to attract referrals. Many PTC sites does not tolerate this type of behavior.